commercial property developer in Toronto, seeking to lease a 26-story condominium development with three retail spaces on the ground floor, has created a detailed rendering of an Apple Store occupying the ground-level space. The life-like rendering of the store was included in a lease promotion brochure for the building at 100 Bloor Street West.

This new Apple Store does not actually exist at that location, however. But there is a real one about a mile away. Toronto's Bloor Street West is a main shopping street and is known as the "Mink Mile" because upscale retailers like Tiffany and Co., Gucci, Cartier, Versace and Prada have shops there.

The rendering shows a large Apple Store with 40 foot glass walls, two Apple logos and the typical bright interior of all of Apple's retail stores. In the depiction the store is two levels tall. The rendering is so detailed that it even includes the wall art and product tables seen in Apple Stores.

Currently, the building houses Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma at ground level. Roots and The Body Shop previously occupied the space where the developer put the fictional Apple Store.

It's not uncommon for developers to include renderings of buildings that don't actually exist in their promotional materials to try to give prospective tenant an idea of what the final structure will look like. In the 100 Bloor West brochure, the developer included renderings of different Apple Stores in each of the three available retail spaces.