If you were looking for app that mimicked how you handle your business in the bathroom and turned it into several quick mobile games, well you're in luck. One of the latest, and surprising, top apps in iTunes it Toilet Time - Mini Games to Play in the Bathroom. It, for whatever reason, currently sits as the second most popular free app in the App Store. 

"Time on the toilet has never been particularly amusing, until mobile devices," the app's description reads. "Now that the last territory is no longer a locked door, you can also have a great time during one of the most regular activities all humans share. Prepare yourself for some time-wasting fun!"

So, put down the newspaper and magazines boys and girls, Toilet Time is here to help. Games on Toilet Time include names cockroach, vacant, temperature, accident, tube, paper, cleanin,g sort, cover up and new games called unclog, hand wash and toilet seat. 

What do you do in the mini-games within Toilet Time? I'm glad you asked. With Cockroach, the goal is to kill cockroaches coming out of the drain. The goal of Tubes is to "avoid smelly toilets." Paper's goal is to unroll the entire roll of toilet paper. 

If those games are not trivial (or gross) enough, they get better. Cleaning is a game where you use your pee to clean the "dirt" from the toilet. In Cover Up users "cough to disguise the noise." Unclog's goal is to unblock the clogged toilet.

Toilet Time developers, Tapps Technologia da Informacao Ltda, has dozens of games in the App Store including My Boo Virtual Pet, Number Link Free, My Doll House, My Sandwich Shop and Adventure Land. 

Toilet Time is free to download from the App Store. It requires iOS 5.0 or later and 27.9 MB.