Minneapolis-based Target Corp. plans to replace the PDAs of each of its sales floor employees with an iPod Touch. The new iPod touch-based system is set to roll out to all Target stores later this year. 

According to an internal newsletter obtained by 9to5Mac, Target employees were informed that the old PDA-based system was getting too old to be useful.

“The PDAs and LPDAs that store team members have been using for a decade or more have reached the end of their lifespan–and they’re running a crazy quilt of dozens of applications that have been patched together over the years,” the newsletter noted.

Target noted in a memo to employees that its Store Operations team ran tests to find the best solution for its sales floor members and settled on the iPod touch.

“Tests included putting more of our current LPDAs on sales floors, trying out a new LPDA model, comparing different brands of new devices, and allowing team members to use their own smartphones and iPods to help guests,” the memo said. “With the help of our Target India team, they analyzed usage data and team member feedback on each option, and a clear winner emerged. Behold: the iPod Touch!”