It’s not often I play mobile games. Even on the subway I’d rather read or just listen to music as opposed to have my head buried in my iPhone swiping or tapping away at the latest game.

Enter Shadow Fight 2. While this is the second installment of the franchise, it is the first time the game has been released as an app for mobile devices. Shadow Fighter was originally a Facebook-exclusive game where you could challenge your friends in a battle for the highest score.

Now Shadow Fight 2 is an amazingly fun game that pits a former great warrior, turned into a shadow to fight against demons he accidentally freed from the “Gates of Shadows.”

“And now for eternity, I am doomed to wander the world and fight the demons I freed,” Shadow says in the opening video of the game.

As you progress along in Shadow Fight 2, Shadow obtains experience stars, coins and gems to help him become a better fighter. Coins and gems can be used to purchase the latest weapons, protection headgear and body armor. When the experience bar fills and you enter another experience level, additional weapons and armor become available to purchase.

Shadow Fight 2 is composted of six stories with six bosses that you must defeated to move onto the next world/story. In each world there is an icon for each demon you must face and after clicking on that icon you must defeat several bodyguards before being able to take on villains such as The Butcher, Wasp, Widow, Lynx, Hermit and Shogun.

Within each world there are also tournaments to compete in to help build up Shadow’s skill level, along with duel, survival and challenge game modes along the way.

The gameplay for Shadow Fight 2 is smooth and after the initial load (which can be slow at times and even cause the app to crash) the fighting is very seamless without disruption. While fighting, the Asian-inspired rock music goes perfectly with the shadowing figures fighting with a full-color background.

Our only large complaint with the game is the need for Shadow to “rest” after around six fights. Besides hitting a punching bag, users have to wait several minutes for Shadow to obtain more energy to fight again. Fights generally only last around a minute or so. Especially if you lose quickly early on as you’re learning to play the game, you could only be playing a handful of minutes before you have to take a break.

To fight in Shadow Fight 2, you begin with three buttons you can use. An icon on the left side of your screen serves as your joystick as you move, jump and attack in eight different directions. On the bottom right side of your screen there is fight icon for punching and using your weapon and a foot icon solely for kicking.

Acquire enough points and skill levels and you can purchase object you can throw, such as Chinese Stars and eventually acquire magic powers. After obtaining those skills, two new icons appear above the punch and kick buttons.

Since its April 30 release, Shadow Fight 2 has catapulted to the top of the iTunes’ charts. It currently sits at No. 14 in the free apps chart. It is also currently the No. 1 downloaded game for iPad users In-app purchases are solely for more gems and coins, which then can be used to purchase Shadow new equipment in the game.

Shadow Fight 2 is free to download from the App Store. It requires iOS 4.3 or later and 93.7 MB. You can watch the trailer for Shadow Fight 2 below.