A New York City street artist claims Apple's new 'Powerful', popular iPhone 5s television ad campaign is a rip off. In the ad spot, Apple uses the slogan "you're more powerful than you think," after showing several things apps on the iPhone 5s can do.     

In an interview with CBS New York, however, James De La Vega claims he was the first to use that slogan in his work. He told the news station that Apple did not ask for permission nor did it compensate him for the use of the slogan.     

"It's their entire campaign — it’s on TV commercials, it’s on social media,” De Le Vega said. According to CBS, De La Vega's attorney has sent Apple a cease and desist letter for the ad.     

Apple's latest ad campaign focuses more on the creative ways developers are using apps for the iPhone rather than features that already come standard on the iPhone 5s. In the TV spot, several innovative apps are shown in use to the tune of the Pixies' "Gigantic," song. You can watch the ad below.     


Go to the Apple's main website and the campaign is the splashed across the front page and is the first thing users to the website see.   

On his Facebook fan page, De La Vega and his fans are calling for a boycott of Apple products until he is compensated for Apple's use of "you're more powerful than you think." A slogan, which De La Vega said he has been using around 10 years.   

"I know many of you may not think much about 'stealing intellectual property' but it's really a big deal," De La Vega said. "It is illegal and motivated by greed and a desire to control and manipulate."    

De La Vega, in an interview with the New York Daily News, said, “This is my way of building a movement. (Apple) should pay me because I created it and they’ve used it to creation national excitement about a product and huge profits for themselves.”