For this year's Mother's Day, Apple has created a special section featuring dozens apps in iTunes that would help you find the prefect gift for mom. Apps are included in multiple sections including "finding the perfect present," "craft a gift," "celebrate the day" and "for busy parents." 

Finding the Perfect Present

Apps in this section have various functions and features but mostly they are designed to help you find the best gift for mom. Multiple apps in this section are aimed to help you find mom the perfect handbag, watch, shoes, clothes and other clothing accessories. You can download apps from retailers like Nordstrom’s or from online-only services like Keep Shopping. Keep lets you shop for home accessories, clothing and much more with just the tap of a finger. 

A new intuitive app called ASAP54 lets you keep up with the latest fashion while helping you to find where to buy those items. ASAP54's best feature, while geared toward social sharing of clothing items, is the ability to take photos of clothing items you see in person and the app uses a recognition system to find a retailer selling those items based on the picture you took.

Other apps in this section include Esty for the crafty, perfect gift for mom. One-King sells vintage and designer home furnishings, Exec Cleaning lets you book a maid service right from your iPhone so mom doesn't have to worry about doing any cleaning and while only currently serving Los Angeles and San Francisco, Soothe Massage lets you book mom, or herself, a massage with only an hour's notice. 

Craft a Gift

For mom's artistic and crafty side, you can create some one-of-a-kind gifts from apps in this section. If you, or mom, have the perfect photo on your iPhone and want to transform it onto a specific item no look further than Zazzle. The app lets you take a photo, or choose one from your library, and upload it to the app to pick out the perfect item to place the photo on. Items that photos can be placed onto include T-shirts, mugs, handbags, iPhone cases and much more. 

Similar to Zazzle, Snapfish helps users print your most beloved pictures. Snapfish can use photos from your iPhone photo library, Facebook and Instagram. High-quality prints ordered on Snapfish can be delivered straight to your home or picked up at Walgreens or Walmart. Photos can be ordered in varying qualities, quantities and sizes. When you first sign up you also get free prints for a year!

Mailing your mother the perfect Mother's Day card no longer requires a trip to Duane Reade or Hallmark. Ink Cards allows you to create personalized cards that can be designed, ordered and sent directly from the iPhone apps. Craftgawker is essentially a mobile version of Pinterest, which comes in handy because when you "gawk" on specific posts on Craftgawker you can post to Pinterest as well.  

Celebrate the Day

Whether it's the perfect Sunday Mother's Day brunch, taking mom out to catch a movie or just planning the perfect day, the Celebrate the Day section features some of the most useful apps to help plan mom's big day. Apps like Open Table help you book a reservation for Mother's Day Brunch, while Chef Feed lets you know what places are popular chefs are eating and Panna helps you plan the perfect meal for mom at home.  

Fandango helps you browse for a movie mom would want to see, find out where it's playing and purchase the tickets. Other apps like LivingSocialGroupon and MyTime helps you book a wide array of packages for mom. It can be a watercolor class, dance lessons, nighttime tour of the city or just a massage, but these apps help you select and schedule the perfect present for mom. 

For Busy Parents

Give new moms the perfect gift from apps in For Busy Parents. There are apps like TaskRabbit that help free up moms, and dads, from chores around the house to home improvement. TaskRabbit finds people near your location, who have been verified, screened and background-checked, to help mom in various tasks. "With millions of homes cleaned, tons of groceries delivered, thousands of IKEA desks assembled, and loads of errands run, TaskRabbit is your solution for getting your to-dos done," the app's description read.

Make playtime more fun with Cakewalk. The app can help you find creative ways to make playtime more fun. You can search for ideas by age of the child, baby, toddle, preschool, kindergarten and elementary or based on whether you're looking for an indoor or outdoor activity. Red Rover, similar to Cakewalk, helps parents find activities for children to do but Red Rover is more on actual activities rather than playtime. Red Rover helps you find and follow museums, libraries, cultural centers and much more for kid-friendly event and exhibitions.

23snaps is a beautifully designed app that lets moms capture photos, videos and stories of her children and save them in a gorgeously designed online journal. With 23snaps, mom does not have to worry about what she shares, your children's photos don't have to appear like they do on Facebook or Instagram. Once created, the journal can be shared "easily and securely," to a select group of friends and family who also have the app.