InstaSize is a handy iOS and Android app that lets users take/choose entire photos to post onto Instagram but without having to worry about cropping. InstaSize ensures crucial parts of a photo do not have to be cut just to fit into an Instagram filter.

Munkee Apps, the creators of InstaSize, is made of three long-time friends: Omar Arambula, Eddy Homez-Devroom and Hector Lopez. With no background in programming the three took a big risk in 2009 to focus on app building — with two dropping out of college to focus on this task. Now InstaSize is one of the top Instagram companion apps and a top 100 app in Apple’s App Store. Since its release in November 2012, the app has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

1. How did you get into the app development business?

“In 2012, me and Hector wanted to start a company … I dropped out of college, soon after that Hector dropped out of college and we just didn’t want to work for somebody. We wanted to work for ourselves. We decide to just drop out of college. Nine months later we came out with InstaSize.” - Homez-Devroom

“In June of that year (2012), Eddy asked me, ‘when do you see yourself retiring.’ I said ‘I don’t know.’ He said then said ‘what if I told you that you could retire at 30?” – Arambula

“When I dropped out , dad was very supportive, but my mom was a little worried. All of our friends that we were crazy and stupid for not pursing a degree. Thank God it has work so far and we haven’t regretted anything yet.” - Lopez

2. Why did you decide to create InstaSize? Why has it become successful?

“I think for the most part, we met a need that was in the market. Our app is really easy and simple to use for our users. We actually listen to our customers, we go through a thorough review. They are always asking us to add this (or that) function. We try to implement those features that were suggestions. Filters, borders. For iOS, for example, we have the glitter pack, people that email us ‘I want this type of boarder’ and we do all our research and decide on what is most needed in the app - Arambula

3. What’s the difference between developing for iOS vs. Android?

“I would say it’s been pretty difficult (for Android). We came out with a big update last month for iOS, but we have millions of people on Android as well.  There’s quite a bit of bugs that we are trying to fix to this day.

“iOS is a lot easier.  Android, it’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it. You cannot ignore Android. We plan on giving everything to Android that we have on iOS, but it will just take time. “ – Arambula

4. What else do you want people know about Munkee Apps or InstaSize?

“We are going to work on InstaSize and make it better. Update coming out in iOS (and soon Android), with new in-apps and editing features.” – Lopez

“Our goal for InstaSize is to be the number one go-to photo editing app.”  - Arambula

“One of our apps, a fitness app (TrainSmart), has been in the App Store but we currently haven’t had time to manage it. We’d like to put more time into that soon.” - Homez-Devroom

InstaSize is free and requires iOS 6 or later. To learn more about InstaSize or to download, click here.