When iBeacon first became a feature of the iPhone it was intended to help notify users of a sale or content that is available to them based on their specific location. For example, iPhone users with iBeacon activated in Macy's flagship stores in New York City and San Francisco receive push notifications on their phone of what sales are going on in the store on that day.     

Since the launch of iBeacon it has been used at CES 2014 and in several Major League Baseball stadiums, and now it is headed to a bar(s) near you as part of a NYC event called BeaconCrawl.     

"Think of a traditional Pub Crawl and multiply the awesomeness by 10," said BeaconCrawl organizers. "That’s what you get when you come to a BeaconCrawl! We bring together the hottest technology and the coolest venues in New York City ... You will find secret locations where you can enjoy special drinks and perks and meet fellow crawlers."    

When using the BeaconCrawl app, available for free from the App Store starting May 2, you can use it to discover bars, win points and get drink specials in multiple bars in Manhattan. The inaugural BeaconCrawl is May 20. During BeaconCrawl, users can earn points by completing tasks, such as ordering food or sharing photos on the app, to win specials at secret locations.    

“Pub crawls and pop-up parties are popular all over the world,” said Bill Aurnhammer, CEO and founder of Aurnhammer, in an interview with Mobile Marketer. “Using beacons, we’ve turned the traditional crawl into a scavenger hunt by combining the two ideas.”    

The BeaconCrawl app will only initially be available in the App Store. Organizers said an Android version will be available soon.