A lunch with Apple CEO Tim Cook inside Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. fetched $333,001 in an action benefiting the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. The auction, which began April 27, ended Tuesday. The meeting with Cook, according to the rules of the auction, will be for two guests to have lunch with the Apple CEO for one hour at a date to be determined.    

Winners of the auction, however, need to fork over travel expenses as they are no included in the auction. According to CharityBuzz, lunch with Cook could take up to a year to schedule. Last week Cook tweeted out that in addition to lunch (which was valued at $100,000) with him, the winner of the auction would also be his VIP guest at an upcoming Apple event.    

In 2013 auction for coffee with Cook for the RFK Center hauled in $610,000.  According to Mac Rumors, "following multiple shill bids last year," CharityBuzz required a credit card authorization for each bid.     

Cook's lunch, which had an estimated worth of $100,000, is just one of many celebrity items people can bid on in an effort to fundraise for the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. Other packages include Lunch with former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, a sushi making class with 'Iron Chef' Morimoto, two tickets to Michael Kors Spring 2015 fashion show, meet Tom Selleck and the cast of Blue Bloods during a taping of the show, a chance to attend Saturday Night Live, lunch with former Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke, tickets to meet Anderson Cooper and attend a taping of the show and lunch with Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington.            

“Whether we’re opening health clinics in the Gulf Coast or building schools in indigenous Mexico, fighting for access to justice in Egypt or labor rights in Upstate New York, the RFK Center’s annual auctions make all of our work possible,” said Kerry Kennedy, President of the RFK Center, in a news release. “Each year, it’s a delight to see stars from the worlds of business, media, entertainment, and sports join together with generous auction bidders to help us carry forward Robert Kennedy’s dream of a more just, peaceful, and compassionate world.”       

Auctions still open for the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights include, tickets to see Jimmy Fallon, VIP Ticket to see the Backstreet Boys, three night weekend stay at Robert Redford's Sundance Resort, two tickets to meet Jerry Seinfeld and four tickets to meet Cher Backstage at one of her concerts.