Apple told us last fall that it would be opening a new crystal sapphire production plant in Mesa, Arizona with partner GT Advanced Technologies. It’s a common suggestion that Apple is using the new facility to make the sapphire display covers for the upcoming iPhone.

Apparently, there was a new report claiming that GT sent out small shipments of the sapphire displays from Arizona to one of Apple’s partners in China this month. This comes as one of the main suggestions that they’re begging to heat up production for the next-gen iPhone.

So what is sapphire and why choose it? To be fair, it’s extremely durable and scratch-proof. Making it the ideal candidate for the newest iPhones. Still, we don’t know for sure what exactly the GT plant is producing, but upon being opened, the facility have the equipment to produce well over 100 million 5-inch iPhone displays this year.

There were also rumors that we might be getting 2 versions of the next-gen iPhone. A 4.7 inch model AND a 5+ inch model. But a couple weeks ago, Reuters reported that Apple suppliers would begin production of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in May (hint hint), and the larger 5.5-inch model a few months later due to manufacturing issues.

I’m on board for the 5.5 inch model. What about you? All these tidbits of information can only make one anticipate the WWDC even more this June. Where we will see exactly what Apple has to say.