Apple has updated its iTunes App Store with a new section called “Best of April” that features its editor’s picks of the best games and apps for the month. The new section, released on May 1, looks like it may become a monthly feature.

The “Best of April” section is broken into two categories: “Great Games” and “Amazing Apps.” Both sections feature paid and free apps. For April, there are 25 games and 24 apps highlighted. Also, Apple chooses a “Best Game” and a “Best App” to feature at the top of the section.

“With the ‘Best of’ section, Apple now has a new forum in which to promote standout titles. As app updates are also part of the monthly highlights, select developers can even have their wares showcased more than once, assuming the refreshed version is worthy of recognition,” notes AppleInsider.

Apps featured in the “Amazing Apps” section for April include the photo and video app Union by Pixite LLC, which costs $1.99, and the free Comedy Central app. In “Great Games” Apple features The Amazing Spider-Man 2 from Gameloft for $4.99 and the free Clash of Clans from Supercell.

“Apple has a variety of sections that are updated every Thursday with new staff picks, including the ‘Editors’ Choice’ and rotating ‘Best New Apps’ and ‘Best New Games’ sections displayed on the front page of the App Store. A monthly recap could provide Apple with another channel to recommend the best apps and updates (such as Duolingo this month) without depending on the App Store’s mid-week refresh,” pointed out MacStories.